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About my breeding

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We live together in Heilsbronn in Bavaria. Meanwhile, I have for more than 20 years degus. It started all with a couple agouti degus. I quickly found that these animals are something very special and the desire for other colors and piebald is widening.


In my small cattery I attach great importance to the character of my animals and their health and origin. It took me some time to make money and my current breeding groups together, yet I am convinced that we should not require utopian prices for degus. My prices vary according to sex, color and dye carrier properties. I demand no protection contract or similar things govern the handling of my degus. I breed not for commercial purposes, but purely to run around and grow up to see the little Wusels out of joy. Therefore, warranty, conversion or liability claims can not be asserted.


My degus are divided into different groups and inhabit including the living room and the study. I think it is important that animals with all sorts of noises to familiarize and be able to watch them daily. What were otherwise so funny pets if you never see?


A visit to our degus and their cages is at present interest generally possible, please do so, simply send an e-mail to me. I am happy with any kind of queries you may have and will assist in the future the owner of my degus. It may be due to group changes also older animals are to submit or be bookmarked in the future.

The beginning

My first degus were two Agouti females from the pet store, then a Degu still something rare and the visibility was very low. After a few weeks I've seen in a different pet store a lonely Degu "females", this should end up as fodder animal because it could not be sold. Without further ado, I took it home with you. The association worked great and the new large cage could be obtained only a little later. How to suspect was the new Degu course no females ... the first baby came!


Of course, the second litter read not long in coming, and also my first Degu lady was again pregnant. Some of the babies were brokered, the other I kept my degus and were divided into two groups (males and females). Over the years the number naturally became less and less until one day .... A display of a breeder in Nuremberg with blue degus! ... Of course, I had to have it and so put on my first two blue male to me. Once there were two litters with Agouti females Again, I have to keep the end only my blue males. A third I was still purchased from Ludwigshafen to. Finally my last Blue passed away in late 2013 and was thus nearly 8 years old.