The cages

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Our cage is a proprietary design of the HVAC and consists of a powdered aluminum frame, steel struts and a stainless steel plate as a floor. The front and side doors are equipped with safety glass, the layers of compressed wood Patten.


110cm x 60cm x 200cm (width x depth x height).

construction progress

Aluminium Käfigrahmen ungepulvert
Aluminium Käfigrahmen ungepulvert


Here the riveted aluminum frame can be seen with an aluminum plate as rear wall.


The central beam is used for subsequent subdivision of the cage.


A stainless steel plate for the floor , and a grid for the top final follow.


The large doors on the sides and front are not attached here.


There are sohwohl doors and socket lid possible.

The following pictures show the already pulverized white frames including doors with lock (black dot on the right side ) . The stainless steel plate can be seen on the last two pictures under the tool The folded mesh for cage cover allows a good air exchange without litter or dirt can fall out.


The doors must be fitted with Plexiglas or glass , for this we have brought the framework of the 4 doors to a glazier and let there be glued safety glass ( 6mm ) . The side doors have been provided with a further air slot in the grid was also glued .


Now the individually settable struts missing to be able to fasten levels later . These struts are pulverized in the cage color and are riveted to the frame of the cage. The hinges of the doors can be easily removed and are secured to the cage frame and the door frame . The locking mechanism pulls up at closing the door to the cage frame and thus closes this airtightness .



The duration of the fit of the discs , including order took us several weeks to complete , and therefore now the interior was further designed .


I have tailored according to my ideas and bolted from below with the previously installed struts Levels . Pine boughs were bolted to a IP20 angle to the plane so that no danger of injury can be caused by slippage of the knots .



The device is changed by me again and again , one hand because of the constant wear and tear, the other hand so that my degus need not always live in the same environment .


Cage in the living room

Aluminium Käfig eingerichtet 1.0
Aluminium Käfig eingerichtet 1.0
Aluminium Käfig eingerichtet 2.0
Aluminium Käfig eingerichtet 2.0
Aluminium Käfig eingerichtet 3.0
Aluminium Käfig eingerichtet 3.0

Cages in the study room 1.0


In the study previously were several glass terrariums now nurnoch are spares. They are replaced by 4 Terrariums OSB . These wooden terrariums offer a good and affordable alternative to a glass terrarium or an expensive DIY like our other cage . In addition, you can attach here easier levels and remodel the terrarium .


After the assembly instructions are not very meaningful , the assembly of the first terrarium took a little longer . Two people should be there , then the Zusammebau is much easier . The quality of the terrarium is really good for the cheap price .

Since our study unfortunately somewhat darker ( tree outside the window ... ) was attached to the back wall, nor a LED bar . In order to protect them from " Nage attacks " and to ensure the safety of a grid sheet was still bent into shape and bolted as a protection to the cage .

The LEDs are warm white in color, and are controlled by a timer. The grid was bolted to the cage.

The terrarium was sealed with toy paint inside and embellished with wood insulating paint in white from the outside . On the side cutouts have been added together in order to let more light and air into the terrarium . A passage to the other terrarium has also been installed . The levels were also bolted from OSB panels per angle to the walls .

Meanwhile, the cages are refurbished and converted .

Käfige im Arbeitszimmer

Cages in the study room 2.0


First the side walls to the base plate , insert the rear wall behind the started underline .


Then fit the middle level and bolted from the outside ( it always respect the still hinen the furnishings fit , on the right the impeller ) .


As scattering protection I have converted the famous suspension bridges and front screwed to the plane .


The kit was delivered , in addition worried a few OSB plates and toy paint in Obi . Then it can so go for it!





The frame with the glass sheets must be strictly protected from the inside against the gnawing . For this Aluleisten , perforated / grid plate or other non zernagbare strips can be used . As seen in the pictures below I have a carpet strip to protect the guide rails are used, they can be easily increased and prevents mostly the verdrecken the guides . The remaining frame parts I covered with sheet metal grid.


The attachment of the impeller I bolted directly to the top plate ( ceiling ) . sawn quick nor a hole for the passage to the lower level , and then the frame was used . My frame is only 60cm high, so I built an additional frame , covered him with grid plate and fitted . The LED strips have also been reinstated.


Thereafter, the cages were placed on their site .