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Litters & planned litters

Planned/Expected Litters

Agouti Superscheckin BT/ST
Iduna (w) – Agouti Superscheckin BT/ST
Blau Starkscheckin evtl. ST
Hel (w) – Blau Starkscheckin evtl. ST
Blau Starkscheckin ST
Fortuna (w) – Blau Starkscheckin ST
Cream Starkschecke
Thor (m) – Cream Starkschecke

Sand Starkscheckin BT
Athene (w) – Sand Starkscheckin BT
Cream Superscheckin
Juno (w) - Cream Superscheckin
Blau Punktscheckin ST
Skadi (w) – Blau Punktscheckin ST
Cream / Sand Uni BT (Bicolore)
Odysseus (m) – Cream / Sand Uni BT (Bicolore)

All Litters up to now

A more detailed list of the litters is on the German version of this page.