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Terms of sale

Pick up in: Germany, Bavaria - Heilsbronn

  • No contract
  • Deposit required only if necessary
  • Shipping possible (extra cost), preference for personal pick up
  • No fixed price
  • Ready to move out with 7 weeks + food package

My degus are submitted to appropriate support from the 7th week . If the Degu not even picked up , it is possible to instruct a forwarding animal and the cost of the buyer takes over the degus.


Who withdraws from the purchase has no right to refund of the deposit . If the Degu on the agreed date can not be picked up and no plausible reason to do so is withheld the deposit . My degus are apparently handed over to the new owner and healthy also still receive a portion of their usual fodder . The Degu is not transferred to the ownership of the interested party when it was paid in full.


As a private provider and hobby breeders I can give no guarantee or warranty . The buyer therefore waives the warranty . For reservation / deposit / purchase , the buyer with the conditions agreed .



No fixed prices, prices vary according to gender, Scheckungsgrad and color carrier properties. Below mentioned prices are without color carrier properties. On average, these prices are 1/3 more expensive than in the pet shop. Prices at the pet store: Agouti Uni 30 €, blue Uni € 70, sand -colored are usually not available in pet shops. (piebald = patched = with white fur)


The price groups are divided as follows:

  • Piebald (dot piebald / blaze) as soon as the white component is visible
  • Starkschecke approx. 40-80% white
  • Superschecke approx. 80% or more white
  • Color carrier blue (BT)
  • Paint carrier sand (ST)
  • Cream always carries BT and ST
  • Ink carrier black (SchT)
  • Chocolate always wears SchT and ST
  • Lilac always wears SchT, ST, BT

Information regarding the prices

The prices are based on gender, color and color carrier properties, the price is also reduced if several degus are purchased! If you are aware of the costs of good husbandry and nutrition, you can understand why I cannot sell my degus at low prices. Pet shops get their degus from mass breeding and you can see that the degus in pet shops only get pellet feed, so the costs are lower there.


Since it is purely a hobby breed, the prices are to be regarded as expense allowances and a nominal fee.


acquisition cost

The purchase of new unrelated breeding animals with suitable genetics is associated with great effort and costs. Some of the degus come from other (federal) countries or are a few hours' drive away (3-7 hours are not uncommon). Also the purchase of new cages, terrariums, lighting etc ..


Running costs

Feed costs should not be underestimated, especially the offspring and their mothers eat a lot - my feed costs are 450 - 550 € per year. In addition, there are of course costs for a new cage device, running wheels, maintenance, etc. and the veterinary costs.


Breeding effort

The matings are carefully selected and socialization takes place from the first days, and the health of the offspring is regularly checked. The rearing and housing of the young animals has a certain effort and cost factor. Own offspring are raised and examined by the veterinarian (if necessary).


Nominal charge

In addition to the expense allowance, the prices are also intended as a "nominal fee". Since I only want to give my degus in good hands, I use the prices to ensure that the future owner can also afford the costs (cage, feed, veterinarian).


Some examples

Acquisition of a new breeding female or buck approx. 150-200 €, acquisition of a new cage (100cm x 50cm x 100cm) inexpensive from approx. 150 €, coating of the cage for longer durability approx. 50 €, setting up the cage approx. 50 € ( without impeller), food order every month approx. 50 €, hygiene items approx. 50 €, veterinary costs e.g. for castration with follow-up controls approx. 120-200 €, for bite wounds approx 35-50 €, for x-rays of the teeth about 100-200 €, laboratory tests about 20-60 €, autopsy about 70-120 €, check-up visit per degu 20-40 €.


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